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True Blue Power, A Division of Mid-Continent Instrument Co.

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True Blue Power, an emerging powerhouse in the custom design and manufacturing of power solutions for the aviation industry, delivers cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries, USB charging ports, inverters, converters and emergency power supplies to rotorcraft owners and operators around the globe. The company's advanced lithium-ion engine-start batteries are quickly gaining acceptance among government regulators, aircraft manufacturers and operators, as the technology consistently proves its reliability and outstanding performance.

True Blue Power is the first company in the world to achieve FAA TSO and EASA ETSO certification for three sophisticated lithium-ion batteries. In 2016, True Blue Power became the first company to receive FAA STC approval for a lithium-ion battery to be used as a primary electrical power source — including engine start — on Robinson Helicopter R44s. Most recently, the company announced its TB17 (17 amp-hour) lithium-ion battery had been selected as standard equipment on Bell Helicopter’s 505 Jet Ranger X.

True Blue Power says following a process that has proven itself valid over and over in aviation is the key to using lithium-ion, rechargeable, main ship batteries on aircraft. This includes extensive testing and development processes, FAA certification and an assurance of safety and value to all. Product reliability and safety is addressed on multiple levels, including chemistry, cell design, containment and the integration of sophisticated electronic protection systems. Not only that, significant weight savings makes lithium-ion technology ideal for rotorcraft applications. Lithium-ion cells offer superior energy density, resulting in a battery that is 45% lighter than lead-acid alternatives. This translates into faster engine starts, less required maintenance, superior hot and cold weather performance and reduced direct operating costs, giving rotorcraft operators an unparalleled advantage.

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