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Applied Avionics

New Altitude, Same Approach

If you’ve taken the controls of a military, commercial or business aircraft in the past 50 years, there’s a good chance you’ve come in contact with products from the company now known as Applied Avionics.

Loren Jensen Applied Avionics

Its VIVISUN® brand of lighted pushbutton switches can be found in fixed-wing and rotary aircraft across the industry — rugged, quality certified products that are known for their superior sunlight readability, night-vision compliance and maintenance-free performance.

But while VIVISUN switches have become the preferred choice of leading original equipment manufacturers, they only tell a part of the story of a company focused on innovating, evolving and responding to the needs of the industry.

In 2010, the company formerly known as Aerospace Optics introduced the first of many functional electronic components directly inside of its VIVISUN switch bodies. These innovations spawned the creation of an entirely new product brand from the company: NEXSYS®, focused on machine-to-machine interface solutions.

“Our new product brand and company rebranding is an evolutionary result of our company’s success and growth,” said Loren Jensen, president of Applied Avionics, Inc.

Although the name of the company has changed, the company's commitment to excellence remains the same.

“We are absolutely committed to making the best product on the market,” states Jensen. “Exceptional quality is the legacy of our VIVISUN products and we will extend that same philosophy to all of our future endeavors.”

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