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Reader Testimonials

Readers share what R&WI means to them.

As a result of a recent R&WI survey, readers’ input has helped populate this 50th anniversary issue — including editorial coverage and past highlights. We also asked what R&WI means to you. Here are some of those thoughts.

My information provider on recent helicopter technology advances.

The first helicopter magazine I subscribed to in 1977.

“Industry leader.”

Up-to-date, worldly roundup of the rotary-wing market.

“The best ‘friend’ for helicopter world news.”

It’s the leading magazine in the industry, done by professionals, for the professional aviator.

It’s a great source of rotary information, tech improvements, safety and industry info. Great magazine.

The pulse of what’s happening in rotary-wing aviation.

“I anxiously await the monthly edition.”

Keeps me abreast on current events in the rotary-wing world, and items for discussion with other pilots when I have them for annual training.

It allows me to feel that I am “in tune” with all the goings-on in the rotorcraft industry.

Source of information for helicopter operation and development.

My information provider on recent helicopter technology advances.

“Authoritative and informative.”

A window to helicopters’ world.

It not only fills the gaps in thinking, but also provides direction. RWI