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April 2017

How Military Aviators Train: As military services in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany and elsewhere upgrade rotorcraft flight-crew training programs, we assess the state-of-the-art in simulation and update readers on the status of the U.S. Navy’s search for a new training helicopter.

Future Military Vertical Lift: The U.S. military struggles with the challenge of how to make Future Vertical Lift a truly joint program that meets diverse mission requirements with a common family of aircraft. We examine the current debate, brief you on efforts by Sikorsky-Boeing and Bell Helicopter to develop Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrators to support that program and investigate future vertical-lift efforts outside the U.S.

Degraded Visual Environments: Advanced Sensors for Military and Civil: Obscured conditions — brown-out, white-out, fog and clouds — are top killers of rotorcraft flight crews and passengers, despite decades of research on solutions. We delve into current efforts to fuse multiple sensors into life-saving pilot aids for both military and civil crews and initiatives to refine flight training to defeat this threat.

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May/June 2017

Since 1967, R&WI has served as the premier business resource for rotorcraft management, delivering the industry analysis and executive insights that give our readers the competitive edge to make the right business choices.

R&WI is proud to publish a special

commemorative 50th anniversary issue, which will feature:

> 50 years of technological innovations

> 50 years business innovations

> Contributions from editors of the past

> Highlights from the first year in 1967

> Revisiting the R&WI pilot report

> And more!

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