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Trump Cabinet

In response to the article on what the Trump cabinet will mean for military and transportation published Nov. 24, 2016, the U.S. was founded on businessmen, not politicians. Just give him a chance. You might be surprised by him. I know we have nothing to lose.

Aimee Surratt, in a comment on

Could Drones Replace Police Helicopters?

These “hobby-style” drones might have some utility in certain tactical situations, but the idea of them replacing helicopters for range and endurance would require a military-grade drone such as a Predator. Unfortunately, that type of drone would not be able to follow a typical pursuit on city streets with all the turns and erratic maneuvers.

Mike Kennedy, San Diego, California

Just watched a 48-minute, high-speed pursuit filmed by a police helicopter. That won’t be happening with a battery-powered quadcopter any time soon.

Jon Dungan, Kansas City, Missouri

I think people overestimate a drone’s range, endurance and capability.

Tim Ferrill

A better solution to drones — the Magni M24 gyroplane, with lower acquisition/operation costs than helicopters with safety and 3-plus hours of endurance. When lives of officers are at risk, I don’t trust an airborne robot with a camera when it is possible to have “real eyes!”


DAC International’s Sikorsky Displays

Considering the $29,000 flat-rate cost to now get an ED-800 repaired, it’s not a bad time to start thinking about investing in modern alternative replacements such as this.

Joe Braddock
Southeast Aerospace, Melbourne, Florida

Rotorcraft Ambitions

Had this photo sent in of new budding @UWMedFlight pilots for Halloween.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Wubben

@ MedFlightDoc, Ryan Wubben, Madison, Wisconsin