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Essential Equipment: Powerplant Maintenance and Test Equipment

The following products offer helicopter owners and operators important engine maintenance solutions. These tools and software come from the extensive line of available technologies from Mxi Technologies, CaseBank Technologies and Machida Borescopes.


CaseBank Technologies’ SpotLight service is an integrated, interactive troubleshooting solution that rapidly guides service technicians through the process of identifying and resolving the root causes of equipment problems. It improves time, cost and quality of maintenance and repairs and replaces traditional hierarchical troubleshooting to “synthesize OEM knowledge of failure indications with operational field experience,” the company said.

According to CaseBank, the tool contains two components including a diagnostic database and a diagnostic reasoning engine. The patented guided diagnostic software employs “hybrid reasoning.”

SpotLight can take technicians from diagnosing the problem to viewing the information for needed repairs.

Among the many benefits the Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) division touts are a 10% reduction in service lifecycle costs, lower mean time to repair, increased first-time-fix rate, consolidated multiple information streams and automatic maintenance and troubleshooting reports.

The SpotLight software can operate both online and offline. It also can support multiple languages and is compatible with PCs, laptops and tablets.

ATP acquired CaseBank in December. The acqusition combines two complementary solutions: ATP’s information, tools and services for manufacturers, operators/owners and maintence providers with CaseBank’s interactive, integrated diagnostic solutions.

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Machida Videoscope

Machida offers high-quality scopes to inspect hard-to-reach areas, including fiberscopes and videoscopes.

Machida was the first to develop a 3-mm videoscope with high-definition and computer-recordable picture and video, according to its website. Today, its borescope systems are used in commercial and military applications for engines in both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

Photo courtesy of Machida

Adding to Machida’s videoscope family is the latest VSC-4-140 NLT, a 4-mm video borescope fitted with a threaded removable side view adapter. It allows for quality images and video in both straight and 90-deg views. It can pair with Machida’s DPU 7-7070 digital processor.

Machida also offers specialized kits for engines including GE Engines, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce and Honeywell. One kit, the PWC34910-106, comes equipped with the FBA-4B-100P 4-mm battery-operated fiberscope and battery-operated light source.

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Maintenix Operator Edition

The Mxi Technologies Maintenix Operator Edition is a MRO IT solution designed to aid maintenance teams in addressing the business and operational challenges of the commercial aviation industry, including helicopter operators.

Photo courtesy of Mxi Technologies

The integrated maintenance management software provides features such as a dashboard with real-time work updates, a direct communication platform, materials management, access to relevant manuals and similar material, advanced maintenance planning, self-service business intelligence reporting and centralized governance.

Benefits to operators include an aircraft’s rapid return to service, elimination of material delays and the maintaining of fleet airworthiness.

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