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November/December 2017

The Connected Helicopter: As the new class of super medium twins, like Airbus’ H175 and Leonardo’s AW189, stretch the legs of offshore support, search and rescue, medevac and corporate/VIP operations, we look at the communications and data technologies being fielded to keep long-range helicopters in contact with their bases, customers and other key players. We also assess how law enforcement demands for greater airborne capabilities, including higher-capacity bidirectional air-to-ground links, are being met by vendors.

Flight Data Monitoring: Following on discussions among experts at our Sept. 20-21 Rotorcraft Business & Technology Summit, we explore the 2018 U.S. mandate for flight data monitoring in air medical operations and the technologies and systems being adopted by those operators and examine why smaller operators aren’t rushing to install systems that proponents call invaluable safety and business tools.

Essential Equipment: Search & Rescue: We explore the latest trends search and rescue, including the privatization of such services around the world and the push by oil and gas companies and wind-farm operators to contract for SAR services to protect their personnel on offshore platforms.

Report on R&WI’s Rotorcraft Business & Technology Summit: We report on the most compelling and intriguing discussions at our third annual certification and technology summit and summarize the wide-ranging presentations, included ones on Uber’s Elevate and Airbus’ Voom urban mobility initiatives and ongoing autonomous vertical-flight research.

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