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Previewing R&WI's October and November issues.

October 2016

Civil Operations in Europe: As Helitech prepares to convene in Amsterdam, we review the biggest issues facing helicopter operators in Europe, including maintaining safety awareness in the changing business landscape and challenges related to unmanned aircraft, search and rescue, and helicopter air ambulance services.

Law Enforcement Ops Across Europe and Scandinavia: We examine aircraft, equipment and training requirements to support increased domestic security missions in the region.

Advanced Military Vertical Lift Programs: We look into the development of faster vertical-lift aircraft and efforts to improve military rotorcraft safety and sustainability. Coverage will include the latest on the U.S. Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator program, applications of advanced automation to military missions and the latest sustainability lessons from Bell Boeing V-22 operations.

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November 2016

Vertical Lift’s Evolving Nature as a Business Tool: With Leonardo’s push for the AW609’s certification and other manufacturers’ drive for speed improvements, we look at demand for helicopter services among corporate and VIP operators. We also update you on plans for electric power and a new generation of vertical-lift aircraft.

Advanced Battery Technology: As visionaries and aircraft designers explore the promise of electric propulsion, we fill you in on the latest in helicopter batteries.

Middle East and African Markets: We examine the state of civil helicopter operations in the Gulf States and the prospects for activities in other key Middle East and African markets.

Rotorcraft Technology Summit Report: We summarize the discussions at R&WI’s Sep. 19 to 20 Rotorcraft Technology Summit on certification streamlining, HUMS technology for light helos, drones as a business opportunity, “data mining,” low-level helo infrastructure, technologies on the operations horizon and single-engine IFR.

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