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Industry chatter compilation.

Modern Aircraft Modeling Software May Save US Army From Past Development Pitfalls

Every vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft model in history has failed to initially achieve the level of performance predicted by the engineers who designed it. They always have a natural tendency to be overly optimistic with their analysis and modeling work. These software tools won’t likely solve this problem. Since the model results are only as accurate as the input data.

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Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant Prototype on Schedule for Flight This Year

I’d like to see this puppy up close and personal. With that low rotor head, it looks like a maintenance nightmare. Plus with it being all composite, that means you can’t climb around on it to perform said maintenance.

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US STRATCOM Chief: Air Force Will Replace Huey ‘If I Have To Die Trying’

While the H-60s are awesome combat aircraft, there is no need for them to patrol/secure missile silos. A new fleet of Bell 412s will accomplish the mission at less than half the initial costs and life cycle costs are way less. The H-60s are expensive to acquire/maintain and operate!

Dennis Conner,
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Like the V-22 crowd, there are too many Huey diehards around not wanting their old faithful to sunset. Upgrade the air vehicle and stop updating it.

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Former US Army Depot Bosses Arrested For Faking UH-60 Rotor Blade Records

Not surprised. I’ve received many sub-standard components from them (including a “serviceable” rotor blade that had a gaping hole with honeycomb hanging out and had been painted over), returned, and nothing ever came of it because they always protect their own.

Frank Turinsky,
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Beefing Up Aviation Fleet, Russia Aims At Besting Black Hawk

Having flown both types, the UH-60 is superior in speed and maneuverability, while the Mi-17 is superior in aircraft load and maintenance requirements. Depends on your needs as to which is the better performer.

Dennis Conner,
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Black Hawk is the standard in its niche. Good luck to the Russians.

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