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Europe Weighing Challenging Times

I am writing in regard to a recent brief (, Sept. 30, 2016, “European EMS Equipment Requirements”). The certification specifications (CS) for helicopters in Europe are EASA’s CS-27 (light helicopters) and CS-29 (medium/heavy helicopters) — almost analog to the U.S.’s federal aviation requirements (FAR) 27/29. CS 23/25 are the specifications for airplanes.

Then I saw the photo of an Alfa Helicopter with the Helitech story (R&WI, October 2016, “European Industry Weighs Challenging Times,” page 34). Great idea, I thought, especially in the context with the headline. The background is that Alfa Helicopter will cease operations at the end of the year due to changes in the structure of the HEMS system in the Czech Republic toward state operation, initiated by the Czech government, which is convinced that it can operate HEMS cheaper and better than high-quality operators like Alfa Helicopter.

We and they will see. It is a pity that this company, owned and operated by my predecessor Pavel Müller, has to stop their high quality and very patient-oriented operation.

Stefan Becker
Head of Corporate Development, 
Swiss Air Ambulance (Rega), 
Zurich, Switzerland

Shedding Pride

In response to your column, “Shedding Pride” (R&WI, October 2016, page 48), while there might be a few moral lessons that might be worth mentioning from the Bible, we are now 300-plus years into the Age of Enlightenment, where the top scientists and great thinkers of the day announced that all religions were mythologies.

In fact, the Bible is filled with immoral teachings and dogmas from cover to cover, including the Old and New Testament. Why would anyone quote it (and in the U.S. it typically implies there is legitimacy to this immoral ancient text), and I suggest you take moral lessons from contemporary great thinkers and scientists.

A better way to quote the Bible is in this way, “While the Bible is simply mythology and usually cannot be referred to for moral guidelines, there is a verse which I like, and I’m refering to the King James Bible, Proverbs 16:18 that says, ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’” This usually is misquoted as, “Pride goeth before the fall.”

Also, I’d recommend that you look up the science of pride and see what science is saying about this topic today. (Of course, when you look up “pride,” you’ll probably get some “gay pride” articles, so you’ll have to perform a well thought out Google search phrase for scientific articles on pride.)

Mike, in a comment on

S-92’s Cousin

The Sikorsky S-92 has always looked like a baby Sikorsky CH-53 to me. Glad the ship has been a success for Sikorsky.

An S-92.Photo courtesy of CHC

Ruckweiler, in a comment on