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Coming Up: July/August 2019

Here's what to look for in the next issue of Rotor & Wing International.

Coming up in the July/August 2019 issue of Rotor & Wing International:

Pilot Training: There are too many helicopters and too few trained, certified pilots to fly them. It's a problem in the military and civilian sectors in the U.S. and abroad, and it likely will get worse if and when the air taxi market takes off. How can the industry address the shortage?

Aerial Firefighting/Night Ops: What's more dangerous than flying a helicopter in pursuit of an armed suspect or over a raging wildfire? Doing any of that at night. We look into the newest night-vision and situational awareness technologies that could make risky rotorcraft operations safer.

ADS-B: Helicopter equipage rates for ADS-B Out have been less than 40 percent, but companies are ramping up their offerings so that operators can meet the January 2020 deadline set by the FAA.

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