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September/October 2017

Air Medical Ops Around the World: We examine the development of helicopter air ambulance services in China, India and elsewhere in the world (including choices of aircraft and equipment) and size up the state of the markets in the U.S. and Europe.

National Guard Challenges: Experts debate the latest political, budgetary and aviation equipment issues before the U.S. Army National Guard.

ADS-B’s Most Pressing Questions: Following on our July 13 webinar, we summarize the top questions that helicopter owners and operators have about automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast and the U.S. mandate for the installation of onboard equipment to enable its use.

Essential Equipment–Business Aircraft Interiors: As attendees and exhibitors head to Las Vegas for NBAA’s annual gathering, we round up the latest technology offerings for keeping corporate and VIP passengers comfortable, connected and productive helicopter flights.

Simulators and Flight Training Devices: With many an operator pressed by customers to cut costs, we look at what training organizations and suppliers are doing to improve the economy and efficiency of their services and products.

Helitech Preview: The European helicopter community is set to meet in London in early October for the annual Helitech International. We preview that show and the issues facing operators in the region.

Advanced Battery Options: Manufacturers and vendors are pursuing new electric-power options for vertical-flight aircraft. We size up the newest offerings for your helicopter and for the future, including their pros and cons.

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