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Army Aviation Update: Ahead of the Army Aviation Association of America’s annual symposium in April, we look at where the Army stands with rotorcraft readiness, whether it is filling its pilot gap and what’s in store for the future.

FAA Safety Regulations/Industry Impact: New requirements for crash-resistant fuel cells have some manufacturers upset that retrofits to existing aircraft are costly and perhaps unnecessary. We take a look at this potentially life-saving technology and parse the issue with industry and the FAA.

Osprey Turns 30: The Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey first took flight on March 19, 1989. We chronicle the tiltrotor’s journey from first flight, through tragedy and ending up one of the U.S. military’s premiere combat aircraft on its 30th birthday.

Data Sharing and Connectivity: Improved cockpit data links, avionics and communications systems are providing pilots with incredibly sophisticated situational awareness, allowing them to operate in environments and conditions that were previously off limits.

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