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January/February 2019

Emerging Tech/Markets: The new year could promise a rebound in the oil-and-gas market, while wind and other markets like China opening more of its skies to rotorcraft continue to offset slow helicopter sales resultant from low oil prices. R&WI takes a look at those and other emerging markets and the technologies manufacturers are rolling out to capture business.

State of The Industry/Finance: Financing and insurance have become a defining business element for helicopter fleet operators. We analyze the trend lines in financing helicopter purchases and whether it is getting more risky to operate rotorcraft as technology advances and economies like the U.S. and China continue to grow.

Engines Update: With traditional helicopter designs fairly static, the most immediate and effective way to upgrade performance, other than avionics, is to boost the power/increase efficiency. We look at current trends in engines, hybrid-electric power plants and batteries that will power the helicopters and EVTOL vehicles of tomorrow.

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Materials Due: February 5

Bonus Distribution: Heli-Expo, Aerospace Europe

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