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February 2017

Engine Technologies and Maintenance and Service: As operators are squeezed to control and reduce flying and maintenance costs, powerplant makers and vendors are developing options for better supporting the world’s engine fleet. We take a close look at the new offerings, including maintenance tracking tools, on-condition maintenance and new powerplant types.

Rotorcraft Rulemaking in the U.S., Europe: Shrinking agency budgets, new regulatory philosophies and efforts to correct mismatches between aviation rules and current and nascent technologies promise to transform rulemaking in the U.S. and Europe. We look at the changes, large and small, that are afoot and how they may affect the operation and maintenance of rotorcraft and their systems and components.

Essential Equipment — Powerplant Maintenance and Test Equipment: We highlight the latest offerings in powerplant maintenance-tracking software and calibration, testing and inspection aids.

Training — Autorotations: This emergency procedure plays a role in more than 10% of helicopter accidents. We talk to flight schools, instructors and autorotation survivors about the ongoing industry debate about the value of full-touchdown autorotation training and the latest guidance on techniques, including 180-degree autorotations.

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March 2017

State of the Industry - Used Aircraft and Surplus Helos: In our annual Heli-Expo issue, we take a close look at the state of used aircraft inventories and price trends for various models. In addition to owners and brokers, we talked to completions and modification shops helping those parties make their aircraft more marketable.

OEM Procurement: Getting a Piece of the Action? For the Heli-Expo exhibitors seeking to sell components, parts and services to helicopter manufacturers, we look at OEM policies on clearing companies for their approved supplier lists. We will distill tips from conversations with procurement pros from throughout the industry.

Drones as a Business Opportunity: Drawing on expert discussions at 2016’s R&WI Rotorcraft Technology Summit, we bring you up to date with efforts to integrate small drones with helicopter operations. We will tap UAS OEMs, avionics and sensor suppliers and entrepreneurs.

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