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Preview what's to come in October/November 2018.

October/November 2018

Air Medical Trend Report: We take a look at the status of the global emergency medical service market and how operators and original equipment manufacturers are responding.

Sikorsky S-76 Pilot Report: A Sikorsky test pilot describes flying the optionally piloted S-76 that the manufacturer has been testing since 2013 with its Matrix technology.

40 years of Black Hawk: To mark the anniversary of the Black Hawk, which almost single-handedly carried Sikorsky to the height of the industry and then to Lockheed Martin, R&WI speaks with experts, engineers and pilots about the aircraft that served the U.S. Army since the 1970s and is expected to fly to the 2070s.

Apache Upgrades: In a bid to keep the AH-64 Apache flying into the 2040s, the U.S. Army is studying future enhancements for the gunship beyond the current E-model configuration, including composite airframe components, new wings to improve lift, weapons and sensor upgrades. A new, more efficient drop-in engine replacement could also add range and speed to the aircraft introduced in the late 1970s.

Light Trainers: Expanding markets call for more pilots who need more light aircraft on which to train. Manufacturers are introducing relatively affordable but high-tech single-engine rotorcraft to satisfy demand. R&WI takes a look at the market for modern, single-engine entry level aircraft for training and other missions worldwide.

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