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Bell Rings in New Era With New Logo, Technology Focus

I guess Bell thinks that it will have such a novel product (that it will get to market early/first) that it will create its own market demand. Always risky.

What is the market demand for self-driving cars in near future? I’m not sure anyone knows that, but it sure isn’t stopping a lot of investment from flowing into the technology.

Bell knows that the regulatory part of a flying taxi project is (possibly) the hardest nut to crack, so it’s wisely working with the FAA to get that part of the puzzle solved up front. Without that, it doesn’t matter what kind of whizz-bang hardware it comes up with!

Don Silvernail
Germantown, Maryland

The part about Bell pursuing this air taxi silliness doesn’t make sense. There is not enough market demand for this product to justify the investment and effort required. Bell used to be a sensible OEM, and I would never imagine the company pursuing such a risky venture with little chance of generating a profit.

“riff_raff99,” in a comment on

Philippines Cancels Bell Buy from Canada

Bell needs to pull out its manufacturing from Canada! The Canadian leadership is off their rails and will be bad for Bell with other like deals!

Fred Bedard, in a comment on

Well they can keep their freakin choppers. If you want to sell arms and put condition that it cannot be used for internal security, then your choppers are as useless as your government. Jumping on the bandwagon of accusing government of dictatorial tendencies without any evidence at all is so much of hypocrisy.

“Goal Keeper,” in a comment on

These helicopters are made in the U.S. and partially assembled in Canada for political and profit reasons, as well as for maximizing tax deductions. A bogus spin piece, as full production now returns to the U.S. Bombardier put out a similar article earlier this year as it moved most of its manufacturing to the U.S. to avoid duties.

“0040,” in a comment on

US Faces Possible Pilot, Mechanic Shortages

Transitioning military helicopter pilots are not going to fix the shortage of helicopter pilots. There are many regional airlines that are offering to pay for the fixed-wing training for military helicopter pilots to become airline pilots. To add to it, the military doesn’t produce as many helicopter pilots as it used to.

Vince Rodgers
Lampasas, Texas

“Pilot shortage” — flight schools have been using this rumor for the last 25 years or so.

Sean Toomey, in a comment on R&WI’s Facebook page