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May/June 2017

Since 1967, R&WI has served as the premier business resource for rotorcraft management, delivering the industry analysis and executive insights that give our readers the competitive edge to make the right business choices.

R&WI is proud to publish a special commemorative 50th anniversary issue, which will feature:

> 50 years of technological innovations

> 50 years business innovations

> Contributions from editors of the past

> Highlights from the first year in 1967

> Revisiting the R&WI pilot report

> And more!

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July/August 2017

Crash-Resistant Fuel Systems: As the FAA’s Rotorcraft Protection Occupant Working Group wrestles with how to best retrofit fuel-system safety enhancements in the current fleet, we review compliance of existing types and efforts to develop improved options for operators.

Condition-Based Maintenance: Dynamic Components: Today’s market pushes operators, manufacturers and vendors to trim their operating costs and reduce costs of their goods and services. We examine efforts to identify means of improving dynamic component maintenance that can enhance efficiency.

Interoperable Mission Planning: With the Airborne Law Enforcement Assn. gathering in Reno, Nevada, for its annual convention, we look at the latest offerings mission planning equipment and aids to agency interoperability.

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